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Announcements and Events for the week of: September 14th, 2014:

March for Life
Washington D.C.
January 20th – 25th, 2015
Any high school student interested in going on this pilgrimage, please contact Theresa Kuffler at 620-446-2468 or call the Parish Office at 620-442-0566 to add your name to the list. More information will be given later.

Sacred Heart School:
Arkalalah Float News - We will start building the float soon. We will let you know when and what is needed. We will build the float at the Morton Ranch, just south of Native Lights Casino. What we are building will be kept secret, as there are spies from other schools who read this!

Fall Fundraiser - Just one more week to sell! We are selling gift wrap and cookie dough. Ask any student if you want to buy.

Art Class - The students in grades 1-5 were happy to see Mrs. Groves and her first Art Class on “Kandinsky”. Thanks to Wal-Mart for a $300 donation for our Book Fair in November at Barnes and Noble.

No Weekday Masses September 16th -19th.

Religious Education:
Confirmation Class will be held on Wednesday, September 17th from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

PSR (Grades 1-8) starts this Sunday, September 14th, from
10 am - 11 am.

We are in need of PSR teachers and teacher’s aides for Sunday mornings. Please contact Theresa Kuffler at 620-446-2468 or Fr. Reilley at the Parish Office, 620-442-0566.

RCIA class will meet in the Parish Office at 7:00 pm on Sunday, September 14th.

Welcome to Sacred Heart Parish. May you feel at home!

Friend, welcome to Sacred Heart Parish, located in Arkansas City, Kansas. We are a Catholic community centered around the Body and Blood of Christ. I hope that you come to know our parish family and worship with us. We are a diverse group, about four hundred fifty families, comprised of English and Spanish speaking backgrounds. Yet, we are one in the Lord, and in our love for Him. Welcome friend. ~Fr. Patrick Reilley

Sacred Heart Parish

Guided by the Holy Spirit and the infinite love of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, our mission is to become a family of God’s children united in the Body of Christ.

Father Patrick Reilley, Pastor
Office: 302 South B Street (620) 442-0566
School Office: (620) 442-6550
E-mail addresses:


Stewardship:“What Gifts Do I Share?"
Exaltation of the Cross
Nm 21:4b-9; Phil 2-6:11; Jn 3:13-17

The stories of the Israelites wandering in the desert grumbling against Moses are a stark reminder of how ungrateful mankind can be. They were released from slavery and being led to the Promised Land, yet at times they preferred bondage to freedom. God has an infinite love for us and showers us with countless blessings yet we turn inward to try to satisfy our longings and continually fall short. Jesus came into the world to save us and from the cross brought us salvation. When we gaze at a crucifix, we see an image of infinite love, a love we can share with the world. May our journey in this world always bring us closer to the Kingdom of Heaven and may the cross lead us back when we lose our way.


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